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We are proud to provide the residences of Bridgeport, CT with custom garage remodeling services. We work to provide solutions that fit the unique wants and needs of all our customers.

If you are looking to transform your garage into a beautiful and functional space, look no further!

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Why Choose The Garage Experience?

At The Garage Experience, we recognize that each customer has unique storage needs, which is why we offer versatile solutions designed to fit every home in Bridgeport. We provide an extensive array of storage options that can be adapted to your specific needs, whether it be for large-scale storage for bikes or smaller shelving for your seasonal items. Our storage solutions are available in various colors, sizes, and finishes to ensure your garage enhances the overall appeal of your home.

We only use the durable and industrial-grade materials. From sturdy racks and cabinets to resilient epoxy flooring, we aim for long-lasting results. We stand by the quality of our products which is why we offer a 10-year Manufacturer Guarantee.

We want to make the entire process stress-free and straightforward. We use 3D technology to provide a virtual preview of your garage designs so you can make sure everything is perfect before installation begins. Our team of professionals prides itself on quick and safe installations. We are able to install most cabinets in a single day and flooring projects are typically completed in 1-3 days, depending on the scope of the project.

Benefits of Custom Garage Storage

Efficiency and Organization

At The Garage Experience, we understand the importance of maximizing the utility of your garage space. Our custom storage options are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring you get the most efficient use of every square inch. Our designs prioritize easy access to your most frequently used items, so you can keep everything well-organized.

Aesthetic Appeal

We don't just focus on utility, we aim to make your garage a visually appealing extension of your home. Our storage solutions come in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to choose elements that match your existing décor or personal style. With our custom solutions, you can create a cohesive, unified look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your entire property.

Increased Home Value

Investing in a custom storage solution from The Garage Experience not only makes your life easier but can also add value to your home. Our expertly designed and professionally installed storage systems enhance your home's curb appeal and will be an added benefit to buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.


As your needs evolve, so can your custom storage system. Our innovative designs, such as slat walls, offer the flexibility of adding hundreds of accessories to accommodate a wide range of items. Modify or expand your system seamlessly as your storage requirements change over time.

Garage Cabinets

Our sleekly designed cabinets will help improve the functionality and appearance of your garage. With custom sizes we can build you a solution that will fit perfectly with the garage space you have.

Epoxy Flooring

We use a four step process where we apply a layer of epoxy and polyurethane products. A clear top coat that is chemical resistant and contains UV inhibitors is added to protect the color of your floor. This process results in a glossy finish that is durable and easy to maintain.

Slat Walls

Our slat walls can be altered to fit any space. We have over 100 accessories available so you can use this wall to hang anything from tools to sports equipment and more.

Ceiling Storage

Out of sight, out of mind. Our ceiling racks can hold up to 600lbs and create more space and decrease the look of clutter within your garage.

The garage Experience Can Handle all your garage Needs

We offer Custom Garage Cabinets, Walls, Accessories, Ceiling Racks, and Flooring in all of Fairfield County including: 

Speciality Storage Solutions in Bridgeport

Bridgeport, part of the vibrant Fairfield County, is a city that embodies the spirit of community and outdoor living. Nestled on the Long Island Sound and featuring attractions like Seaside Park and Beardsley Zoo, the city offers a multitude of outdoor activities for both tourists and residents. With beaches, hiking trails, and boating opportunities, Bridgeport is the ideal spot for those who love the outdoors.

Given the city’s abundance of outdoor activities, it’s no surprise that many Bridgeport residents own outdoor equipment such as bikes, kayaks, and fishing gear. The Garage Experience is here to help you store these items in the most efficient and accessible manner possible.

Completed Projects

Palm Desert, Riverside

Cabinets, Workbench, & Epoxy Floors

Cardiff, SD

Custom Cabinets, Stör Wall, & Epoxy Floors

Vista, SD

Workbench, Stör Wall, & Epoxy Floors

The Garage Experience

Remodelling a garage can be a significant investment and choosing the right people to work with can make all the difference. What Makes Us Stand Out: 

Competitively Priced

Highly Trained and Experienced

High Level of Personalized Service

Quick & Easy Installation

On Time and Reliable

How To Transform Your Garage

With custom garage cabinets, walls, accessories, ceiling racks, and flooring.

Initial Call

The process will begin with a consultation scheduling call, during which our trusted customer service team member will guide you on estimated pricing and various options depending on your wants and needs.

Free Consultation

We will send one of our top garage specialists to your home. There they will inspect your garage and provide a free consultation. This is a great opportunity to chat with our specialist about design and to discus any other questions you might have.

Review 3D Design

After consultation, our specialist will draw up a design taking into consideration all your wants and needs. See it come to life using our innovative 3D software where you can review and make any last-minute changes.


Once you are completely happy with the final design, our professional team will come and install your brand new garage.

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