Slatwall vs. Pegboard: Which is Better for Your Garage

Looking to transform your space?  Slatwall and pegboard are both excellent options for achieving more efficient organization and aesthetic appeal in your garage space. From retail displays to garage workshops, these versatile storage systems revolutionize how you organize and optimize your garage.   In this blog, we’ll be comparing Slatwall with pegboard, dissecting the merits and […]

Best Garage Storage Systems

Life becomes easier when there’s a spot dedicated to everything you own. You’re not constantly searching for items. You’re not discouraged by clutter. Not only is this true for your kitchen, living room, and bedroom, but it’s also true for your garage.  The best garage storage systems meet your needs, enabling you to use your […]

How to Deal with a Cluttered Garage

When it comes to clutter, the garage often becomes the unsung hero of chaos in our homes.  Over the years, it accumulates a mishmash of tools, old furniture, sports equipment, and boxes that are in dire need of sorting. In turn, our garages can become not only disorganized but also progressively dirtier as more and […]

9 Types of Garage Floor Coatings: Which is Best for Your Garage?

Whether you have just finished construction on a new garage or want to give your existing garage a fresh renovation, choosing the right floor coating for your garage is vital.  Garage floor coatings come in many different forms, each with its own unique benefits. The type of floor coating you select for your garage can […]

How Tall Should Garage Cabinets Be? 

When choosing a cabinet system for your garage, it is vital to first determine what dimensions you need. In terms of the height of your garage cabinets, there are many key factors to consider, such as the total height of your garage and whether the cabinets will be installed on the wall or standing on […]

Designing Your Dream Garage: How Deep Should Garage Cabinets Be?

Are you in the process of designing your dream garage? Garages are excellent for all types of storage, not just vehicular storage. To make your garage storage space as optimized as possible, your best bet is to have custom garage cabinets designed and constructed for your exact storage needs. In this article, we are talking […]

How Much Do Garage Cabinets Cost?

Are you in the market for a garage storage solution? Garage cabinets can be a great storage option.  Whether you prefer freestanding or wall-mounted cabinets (or a combination of the two), these cabinets can help you to declutter and bring a greater level of organization to your garage. Additionally, you can choose between prefabricated or […]